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Builders Take Fourth In Final USCAA Director's Cup Standings - Best Ever Finish

Builders Take Fourth In Final USCAA Director's Cup Standings - Best Ever Finish

At the recent United States Collegiate Athletic Association National Convention, the eighth annual Director's Cup Award was presented to the member institution that excelled in USCAA National Championship events in the 2013-14 athletic year.

The Apprentice School finished fourth out of 84 schools that were eligible for the award which marks the highest finish ever for the Builders.  Not only was the fourth place finish the best, the Builders tallied 376 points which also is the most points they have accumulated in the history of the contest.  The previous best finish was fifth place twice, in 2006-07 and 2011-12.

The award is set forth to honor member institutions that excel in a wide-range of men's and women's sports for which the USCAA offers championships.  The cup sets out to highlight the efforts of an athletic program to create a vibrant program, diverse in its offerings, and who compete for national championships on a regular basis.

Finishing places in national championship events are given points based on the number of participating teams to determine the final standings.  Daemen College (NY) won the award for the second year in a row this past season with 616.5 points, followed by Lindenwood University-Belleville (IL) with 467.5 and Rochester College (MI) with 402.

The top point scorer for the Builders was the baseball team whose third place finish at nationals gave them 82 points.  Next were both basketball teams as their tied for third place finish at the championships garnered 71.5 points apiece.  Schools were also awarded points based on number of USCAA Championship sponsored sports they have.

Top 20 standings in USCAA Directors Cup