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First Day Of Builder Invitational Postponed

With the latest round of wintry weather, the Builder Invitational scheduled to start on Thursday afternoon has been postponed until Friday at War Memorial Stadium.

As it stands now, the first game will be at 9am on Friday morning between Briarcliffe College and Bloomsburg University.  The Builders will face Kutztown University at noon.

The games scheduled for Thursday will be played on Sunday, March 1.

Tournament Schedule - as of Tuesday night

Feb. 27, 2015     
9:00 am                 Bloomsburg v. Briarcliffe
12:00 pm              Apprentice School v. Kutztown
3:00 pm                 College of St. Joseph's (VT) v. Briarcliffe
6:00 pm                 Bloomsburg v. College of St. Joseph's (VT)
Feb. 28, 2015     
9:00 am                 Briarcliffe v. Apprentice School
12:00 pm              Briarcliffe v. Kutztown
3:00 pm                 Kutztown v. Bloomsburg
6:00 pm                 College of St. Joseph's (VT) v. Apprentice School
Mar. 1, 2015       
9:00 am                 Apprentice School vs. Bloomsburg
12:00 pm              Kutztown vs. College of St. Joseph's (VT)