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Nick Roberts - Head Drumline Coach

Valarie Gray - Assistant Drumline Coach


The Apprentice School Drumline exists to further the leadership experience, self-discipline, and school spirit of its members and to promote The Apprentice School in the communities comprising the Hampton Roads area.  The drumline is in a unique position to represent The Apprentice School in a way unlike any other organization -- with music.

  The Apprentice School Drumline was formed in 2007 with the enthusiastic support of the Apprentice School Student Association.  The Apprentice School hasn't had a music program since the 1950's.  The drumline offered students a new choice of extracurricular activity. 

The Apprentice School Drumline has the longest spanning season of all the extracurricular activities offered by The Apprentice School.  The typical season spans from the middle of the summer (July) until the end of the winter (March).  The drumline supports all football season home games, the Christmas Parade Season, selected Newport News Shipbuilding community activities and selected home basketball games.  In the offseason months between March and July, many drummers require individual home practice to better their skills and ensure they are prepared for the first group practices starting in July.


The drummers that make the commitment to the drumline seldom regret the time they spend.  More than half of the drummers that participate on the drumline or have participated on the drumline had little or no drumming experience prior to their participation.  The Apprentice School Drumline welcomes any player, regardless of their level of experience, to participate.  If an individual is willing to make the commitment to the drumline, then the drumline will commit to that individual.  We promote a high standard of teamwork among our participants; we like to think of ourselves as a family!


  If you are interested in participating in the drumline and are applying to The Apprentice School or you are currently employed by Newport News Shipbuilding, please call Nick Roberts at (757) 915-8627.  We look forward to your participation.



Nick Roberts

AS Drumline Coach






Drumline Performance - Feb 24, 2014


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