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Wrestling Finishes Second At NCWA Mid-Atlantic Conference Championship

Wrestling Finishes Second At NCWA Mid-Atlantic Conference Championship

EVENT: NCWA Mid-Atlantic Conference Championship

LOCATION: Liberty University- Lynchburg, VA



Liberty 207.5

2 Apprentice School 166

3 Middle Tennessee 130.5

4 James Madison 100

5 South Carolina 76.5

6 Vmi 54.5

7 East Carolina 50

8 Clemson 46

9 Bridgewater College 30.5

10 William & Mary 22.5

11 Univ of Tennessee 14
12 Northern Kentucky 12.5


125 lbs
1st  Byron Smith (Middle Tennessee) DEC Anthony Monahan (Apprentice School), 7-2
3rd  Colton Messick (Apprentice School) MD Elisha Potter (Middle Tennessee), 16-3
5th  Rhett Plemmons (Clemson) DEC Jarrod Clark (Apprentice School), 14-9
7th  John Atkinson (Bridgewater College) DEC Cj Lilovich (James Madison), 1-0

133 lbs
1st  Ty Boyd (Apprentice School) DEC Daniel Clark (Middle Tennessee), 9-2
3rd  Ashton Robinson (Liberty) M FOR Shalek Colon (Apprentice School)
5th  Justin Hargrove (Middle Tennessee) DEC Thomas Tavenner (Vmi), 5-3 SV
7th  Tah're Pettite (James Madison) F Connor Donlan (Vmi), 0:32

141 lbs
1st  Carlos Garcia (Middle Tennessee) M FOR Tyler Sigler (Liberty)
3rd  Zachary Alvarado (South Carolina) DEC Tristan Mabe (Apprentice School), 9-2
5th  Wesley Hollingsworth (East Carolina) DEC Nicholas King (Middle Tennessee), 6-4
7th  Garrett Shultz (Vmi) DEC Ben Howard (Liberty), 18-13

149 lbs
1st  Brandon Robinson (Liberty) DEC Jackson Meyers (South Carolina), 3-2
3rd  Ike Podell (Liberty) DEC Joshus Feuerbacher (Middle Tennessee), 8-2
5th  Jeremy Mosley (Apprentice School) FOR Tyrell Watkins (Apprentice School)
7th  Logan Quinney (East Carolina) F Nick Wells (William & Mary), 3:34

157 lbs
1st  Joe Staley (James Madison) MD Andrew Burgette (Liberty), 11-3
3rd  Bryson Woody (Apprentice School) F Michael King (Middle Tennessee), 2:02
5th  Joey Driscoll (Apprentice School) F Thomas Mumford (Clemson), 5:40
7th  Austin Jackson (Northern Kentucky) M FOR Sean Kelly (South Carolina)

165 lbs
1st  Patrick Scarborough (Liberty) FOR Richie Cerebe (Liberty)
3rd  Chad Simmons (Apprentice School) DEC Luke Ely (Liberty), 10-6
5th  Enzo Irizarry (James Madison) F Roger Causey (Vmi), 2:35
7th  Zach Hannah (South Carolina) F Will Siegmund (William & Mary), 2:10

174 lbs
1st  Josh Ferenczy (Liberty) FOR Sam Karel (Liberty)
3rd  Conner Wrann (James Madison) M FOR Jeffery Driscoll (Apprentice School)
5th  Joshua Stacy (Vmi) F Gil Owens (Apprentice School), 0:07
7th  Hunter Spehar (South Carolina) F Cody Luper (Vmi), 3:32

184 lbs
1st  Taylor Westlake (Liberty) DEC Brian Sakalas (James Madison), 8-4
3rd  Josh Mcllhenny (Liberty) M FOR Jared Nicholson (East Carolina)
5th  Josh Powers (Bridgewater College) M FOR Justin Harrell (East Carolina)
7th  Jawaun Robinson (Apprentice School) F Stewart Spurry (Vmi), 2:55

197 lbs
1st  Danny Falconer (Clemson) DEC Sean Kennedy (Middle Tennessee), 7-6
3rd  Ronnie Spera (James Madison) DEC Austin Amos (Liberty), 10-6
5th  Virgil English (Univ of Tennessee) MD Vandan Schmidt (Apprentice School), 15-2
7th  David Trigg (Liberty) FOR Daniel Bowen (Vmi)

235 lbs
1st  Richie Mcclendon (Middle Tennessee) DEC Charlie Hancock (Liberty), 6-4
3rd  Andrew Carnes (South Carolina) DEC Shakeem Lassiter (Apprentice School), 4-1
5th  Zach Sintobin (Apprentice School) F Sean Alberts (Bridgewater College), 2:52
7th  Richard Lovisone iii (Vmi) F Ryan Murray (William & Mary), 4:32

285 lbs
1st  Dominick Johnson (Liberty) F Steven Francisco (Apprentice School), 6:38
3rd  Zachary Boyda (South Carolina) F Thomas Bartholomew (Liberty), 4:02
5th  Timothy Hudson (East Carolina) DEC Kyle Pederson (William & Mary), 7-3
7th  John Huff (Clemson) DEC Thomas Lascara (William & Mary), 6-4

The Builders will travel to Texas to take part in the NCWA Nationals March 9-11.

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