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Check Out Builder Football On WAVY 10

Check Out Builder Football On WAVY 10

On Tuesday, WAVY 10 Sports showcased Builder Football as they prepare for the NCFA National Championship this Saturday.  Click on the link below:

WAVY 10 Sports

NEWPORT NEWS (WAVY) - On Saturday, the Apprentice School football team will be in Wheeling, West Virginia to face Oakland University for the National Club Football Ascociation national championship. 

The Builders (8-3), now in their 99th season as a football program, have endured losing seasons in nine of the last 10 years, but now have a chance to win it all. 

"We expected to be here from day one," said head coach John Davis. "I know to some people that for some people that sounded crazy, buf for us, this is where we expected to be."

After stints at John Handley High School and Gallaudet University, an institution for the deaf and hard of hearing, Davis has built a culture of winning in just his first season. "He changed the culture here, and gave us a positive attitude to win and wanting to win," said Chesapeake's Brandon Jones, the team's leading rusher. 

Ethan Bryce, a graduate of Poquoson High School, is a muilt-purpose receiver who's endured the hard times for the love of the game. "It's kind of nice to go out knowing that we did something for the team instead of just being on it," he said.